Policies & Guidelines

Ordering Online is the easiest and fastest way to order delivery. You must first register as a member. Once registered, simply place your order online 24 hours a day. We will confirm your order as soon as it’s received. Online delivery orders received after operating hours, will be processed for delivery the following day.

Member Support can help you with any questions about product, registration, ordering and more. (888) 510-1516

PLEASE TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVER! We try to provide accurate ETA’s, and we’re committed to delivering as quickly and discreetly as possible. Delivery times may vary depending on location, traffic, peak times, weather, order volume and other factors.

 Delivery Fees: (There is an additional charge for hotel delivery orders).

If you are unavailable to accept your delivery, call immediately to notify us. It is your responsibility to be available at your destination when expecting arrival of your delivery. Abuse of the service, or staff can result in termination of your membership. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Delivery Safety & Policies: Our delivery vehicles are equipped with security cameras, and GPS tracked through headquarters to ensure the safety of our drivers. All delivery orders must be fulfilled in a safe location (residence or office). We do not deliver to any public places. Deliveries are to be with registered members only. 

The maximum daily allowable purchase of cannabis products in accordance with California City and state laws are as follows; Recreational consumers (21+) may acquire (1) ounce of cannabis, and (8) grams of concentrated cannabis. Medical consumers (18+) possessing a valid CA doctor’s recommendation on file with The Weed Stork Delivery, may acquire up to (8) ounces of cannabis, concentrated products or an equal combination of the two.

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